Heffernan Lawn Management: I was verbally abused for my inquiry on safety of company's product.

Waltham, Massachusetts 0 comments
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My apartment building's lawn was just treated with an herbicide/pesticide product. When I saw the yellow warning flag advising people and animals to stay off the lawn, I called to find out about when it would be safe to again walk on the lawn. Specifically, I asked about the compound used so that I might ask my veterinarian when my cat could again go outside.

The owner, Mike Herrernan, became verbally hostile. He spat out the product's name and hung up.

Prior to providing this information, he was suspicious and rude on the phone. When he inquired about the management company running the building in which I live I told him the name. His response was hostile, inappropriate, and rude to put it mildly.

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